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Trumka on DACA: We won't back up or back down

Washington, D.C.

Brothers and sisters! Welcome to Washington! It’s fitting for us to come outside and stand together.

The rallies this week have been powerful!

The protests this summer have been massive!

The protests and marches and rallies this year are transforming our nation and will change America forever for the better. We’re taking our country back from those who want to divide us and keep us poor. We’re taking it back!

Listen, like almost everyone in our labor movement and in this nation, my family story in America begins with immigration. I am the son of immigrants, and the grandson of immigrants, and I am proud of my heritage, just as I am proud of every DREAMer in America, and every immigrant who applied for and received Temporary Protected Status under the DACA and TPS programs.

Two weeks ago, President Trump gave freedom to a convicted criminal named Sheriff Joe Arpaio who scorned the rule of law and trampled on the U.S. Constitution.

Now President Trump is taking freedom from law-abiding and hard-working aspiring Americans who want nothing more than to live under and abide by the Constitution of the United States.

President Trump and Congress should celebrate the contributions of immigrants, not assault them.

I want to be crystal clear: When President Trump takes fundamental rights and freedoms from DREAMers and TPS recipients, he’s taking fundamental rights and freedoms from all of our families, from all of our brothers and sisters, and from all of us.

The American labor movement rejects racism and discrimination in all its forms, because they violate our core values, destroy the fabric of our communities, terrorize upstanding people and degrade our nation.

We won’t stand for it. We’ll rise up against it. We’ll stand together, rally together, march together, vote together and win together! Arm-in-arm. Shoulder-to-shoulder. We won’t back up or back down! We’re taking our country back!

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