Trumka Rallies with Johns Hopkins Nurses

Baltimore, Maryland

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka delivered the following remarks at a rally in support of nurses at Johns Hopkins Hospital: 

Thank you, Sister Bonnie (Castillo)! You are one of the strongest, most passionate voices in our movement. Your leadership is second to none. 

And AFL-CIO Secretary Liz Shuler is here! I don’t know how Liz does it. Everywhere workers are fighting for a voice...Liz finds a way to be there. She’s an invaluable partner and a great friend. 

Brothers and sisters, I am here today in this great city...with this great union...to deliver a simple message to Johns Hopkins Hospital...get on board or get out of the way! 

Nurses are the most trusted public servants in our nation. Year after year. You treat the sick. You comfort the families. You put the care in health care. And you deserve a voice on the job! 

A full voice. An equal voice. The type of voice that can only be achieved by coming together in a union. 

Johns Hopkins is trying to silence your voice. They are acting like the Walmart of medical centers. 

But here’s the thing...no corporation or institution is stronger than a committed group of working people willing to risk everything for each other. And when that group of people happens to be nurses, you better believe we are going to win. 

We know it won’t be easy. Johns Hopkins is spending millions of dollars to prevent nurses from having a voice. 

The National Labor Relations Board found that management has interrogated nurses and taken steps to block workers from having conversations about forming a union. 

It’s a reminder why Congress needs to pass the PRO Act—Protecting the Right to Organize—so employers like Johns Hopkins think twice before breaking the law. 

But we are not waiting for Washington to act. 

Nurses want a voice today. 

Nurses want a union today. 

Nurses want a better life today. 

We’re gonna fight for it. 

We’re gonna march for it. 

We’re gonna organize for it. 

It might be 100 degrees, but we’re just getting started. 

No matter how long. 

No matter how hard. 

Whatever it takes. 

Hear me loud and hear me clear: Johns Hopkins nurses are going to win a union!