Paid Sick Days

Why Expanding Sick Day Coverage Benefits Everyone

You shouldn’t have to work while sick. We all get the occasional cold, flu or more serious medical conditions that require rest and time away from work. But 40% of working people lack even one paid sick day. This means people work while sick for fear of losing pay or their jobs.

When you have access to paid sick days, it makes everyone healthier and more productive. No one wants to eat food prepared or served by someone who is sick. Paid sick days are common sense.

Nearly one quarter of adults (23 percent) say they have lost a job or been threatened with job loss for taking time from work when they or a family member were sick.

If working people had seven paid sick days a year, our economy would be $160 billion more productive.

Why Paid Sick Days Makes Everyone Healthier

Paid sick days policies help reduce the spread of illness in workplaces, schools and child care facilities. Workplace injuries are more common when people do not have paid sick days, and illness spreads more virulently through workplaces.

Paid sick days would decrease the flu rate by at least 5%. That’s a win for everyone.

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