Improving Work-Life Balance

Working people like yourself deserve to make more than a decent living. You deserve a decent life. You work for more than a paycheck; you work to sustain your family; and it’s time for work-life balance. America’s economic policies need to put people and family first, instead of the interests of a handful of extremely wealthy and well-connected CEOs.

When people are given a work schedule that constantly changes or are told to work more for less, the workplace isn’t fair. Your paycheck should keep up with the cost of living, and you shouldn’t be left to scramble at retirement. Every working person deserves to be paid enough to set their children up for a bright future and to return the support they once received from their parents. Stress should not be getting in the way of the life you deserve.

There’s more to life than work. People join unions to negotiate together for work-life balance. Union members speak up together to make life better through:

  • Consistent schedules and no mandatory overtime.
  • Flexible schedules, like a four-day workweek or working from home.
  • Time off to take care of family or attend school events.
  • Paid vacation you can actually take without feeling guilty or overwhelmed when you return.
  • Longer maternity and paternity leaves, with staffing to backfill your position while you’re out.
  • Student loan repayment and scholarships.
  • Job training programs for career mobility.
  • Reimbursements for fitness club memberships, yoga and other wellness benefits.
  • Wages and benefits that keep up with the cost of living.
  • Family-friendly work environments.

A voice on the job is priceless. You deserve respect and recognition for the hard work you do.