2005 Adopted Resolutions

The following resolutions were passed by the delegates at the 2005 AFL-CIO Convention.

Resolution 1: A Plan to Help Workers Win: Uniting Our Power to Build a Stronger, Growing Labor Movement
Resolution 2: A Diverse Movement Calls for Diverse Leadership
Resolution 3: The Values That Unite Us as a People and a Movement
Resolution 4: Good Jobs for America’s Workers
Resolution 5: An Economic Agenda for Working Families: Building Union Power, Reclaiming the American Dream
Resolution 6: Democratizing the Global Economy: Empowering Workers, Building Democracy, Achieving Shared Prosperity
Resolution 7: Action and Implementation Plan for Policy Resolutions
Resolution 8: Calling for Labor Solidarity in Political Action Programs
Resolution 9: Working Politics for Working Families
Resolution 10: Public Communications
Resolution 11: Unity and Solidarity of the Labor Movement
Resolution 14: Strengthening Local and Regional Labor Federations
Resolution 17: Protecting Workers’ Safety and Health
Resolution 18: Occupational Safety and Health Resolution
Resolution 19: Buy Union Week
Resolution 20: Use of the Internet to Promote Demand for Union-Made Goods and Services
Resolution 21: Supporting AFL-CIO Unions Facing Raids by Independent Unions
Resolution 22: Organizing Professional Workers
Resolution 23: Wake-Up Wal-Mart
Resolution 24: Associate Member Organizations
Resolution 25: Reciprocal Membership Agreements
Resolution 26: Immigration
Resolution 27: Supporting the Employment Rights of Reserve and National Guard Volunteers
Resolution 28: Resolution Supporting Full Voting Representation for Residents of the District of Columbia
Resolution 29: Protecting Public Employees’ Retirement Security
Resolution 30: Retirement Security
Resolution 32: Uniting Workers’ Strength Across Borders
Resolution 33: Public-Sector Collective Bargaining
Resolution 34: Support and Expand Oregon’s Vote-by-Mail Elections in Other States
Resolution 45: The American Labor Studies Center
Resolution 47: Living Wage Ordinances
Resolution 50: Opposition to the Dominican Republic–Central American Free Trade Agreement
Resolution 52: Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday
Resolution 53: The War in Iraq
Resolution 54: Support for the Work of the Solidarity Center
Resolution 59: AFL-CIO Policy on Encouraging National Union Mergers
Resolution 60: Calling for a Special Meeting of the AFL-CIO Executive Council to Address the Consequences of Disaffiliation by Certain Unions
Resolution 61: Establishing a Special Fund to Provide Emergency Support to State and Central Labor Bodies, to Combat Raids by Disaffiliating Unions, and to Assist Trade and Industrial Departments