Adelante We Rise! is a labor movement initiative that meets immigrant workers wherever they are and helps them to advance as far as possible toward full rights and equal protections.

  • If they are permanent residents, they can and should become citizens. If they may be eligible for deferred action, they can prepare petitions.
  • If they have suffered workplace crimes and other abuses, we will assist them with applications for U or T visas.
  • And if they are among the millions of people who do not qualify for any immediate form of relief, we will offer mutual aid and defense through membership in the labor movement. 

Workers who currently lack a collective voice on the job either will be referred to the appropriate union or worker center, or offered the opportunity to become connected directly with the labor movement through Working America.

We Rise! is a massive initiative to help immigrant workers gain more rights as a means to building transformative relationships that will prepare us to achieve the next milestone in the fight for immigrant rights and working people.

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