Press Release

AFL-CIO Calls for Urgent Passage of Landmark Worker Rights Bill

Trumka: “It’s Time for the Party of FDR to Finish What He Started”

Statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the introduction of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act: 

Today, working people are one step closer to freely exercising our most fundamental rights on the job. The PRO Act will strengthen workers’ ability to come together and demand a fair share of the wealth we create—boosting wages, securing better health care and rooting out discrimination.

The past year has laid bare the enormous injustices facing millions of America’s working people  who keep our country afloat. We cannot allow those systemic failures to persist for another moment. Working people turned out to vote in record numbers because we urgently need structural change.

We will make our case in every state and every congressional district, to elected leaders across the political spectrum. But make no mistake, this is a test for Democrats. After decades of disappointment, it’s time for the party of FDR to finish what he started. If you stand on the side of America’s workers, you won’t just vote for the PRO Act—you’ll sponsor it, you’ll whip for it and you won’t rest until it’s signed into law.

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