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AFL-CIO Launches Six-Figure Ad Buy in McConnell’s Backyard, Calling for Passage of HEROES Act

Today, the AFL-CIO announced a six-figure television and social media ad buy that will blanket the state of Kentucky over the next two weeks. The ad calls on Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to do his job by passing the HEROES Act to provide  long-overdue relief to working people who are suffering from the fallout of COVID-19.

“If Mitch McConnell doesn’t act...budget cuts will destroy the public services we need to recover from the coronavirus,” the ad says. “Tell Mitch McConnell Kentucky won’t be left behind—fund our essential public services now. Pass the HEROES Act.”

The HEROES Act is grounded in America's Five Economic Essentials, the desperately needed measures to keep working people safe and economically secure. It would save workers’ lives through a federal workplace infectious disease standard. It would include large scale aid to state and local governments and the Postal Service, to preserve public schools and public services and support the teachers, first responders and front-line workers who serve our communities. It would extend the additional $600 a week in unemployment benefits that tens of millions of laid-off workers are relying on and help these workers retain their health care. And it would protect earned pensions and take important steps to keep workers on the payroll.

“Working families in Kentucky are tired of Mitch McConnell’s deadly obstructionism that is blocking needed worker protections, state and local aid, school funding, and retirement security,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “Instead of blocking progress, a real leader would do everything they can to save workers’ lives and livelihoods right now. If Sen. McConnell insists on continuing down this path, this may well be his last July in office.”

Watch the ad.

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