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Do Your Politicians Care About Your Retirement?

Retirement Security

Imagine working hard every day at your job, contributing to your community and growing the economy for 40 years…50 years…. Then after a lifetime of giving your time and energy, all you want is to retire with dignity. But your employer and your government say: Thanks for everything, but you can’t afford retirement. Get back to work.

That’s the reality for millions of Americans.

As many as half of all working people will retire in poverty. And 57% of workers have no retirement at all. Big corporations have slashed pensions and other retirement benefits just to pad their own bottom lines. Extremist politicians want to gut our pensions, slash Social Security payments and end Medicare as we know it.

We deserve better than this. This November, we will let them know.

Through our votes, we can reject the notion that working people have to stay on the job until we die because we can’t afford a decent retirement. Up and down the ballot, we must elect leaders who will fight for our Social Security, Medicare and pensions. 

So please take the time to figure out how and when you’re going to vote. Go to and make a plan to vote.