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Candidates on Retirement Security: Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

One of the most important issues for working people in the 2022 midterm elections is retirement security. Candidates across the country are focused on undercutting retirement benefits, but working people reject these cynical moves and will support candidates who promise to protect Social Security and related programs. Today, we are spotlighting a 2022 candidate on retirement security: Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has taken heat for suggesting that funding for Medicare and Social Security should not be automatically renewed each year, but instead become discretionary spending subject to annual congressional review.

“Some terrible ideas never die,” said Joseph Peters Jr., secretary-treasurer of the Alliance for Retired Americans. “Privatizing means ‘cutting,’ and Alliance members will continue to support candidates who want to protect and expand Social Security and Medicare, not cut them.”

Johnson this week discussed how to “coax” retirees back into the labor force during a tele-town hall. Earlier, Johnson suggested, during a recent campaign stop, that earned benefits should be re-approved by Congress on an annual basis, and insisted that Social Security was “set up improperly” and should be turned over to Wall Street. 

Social Security is gaining traction as a top issue for voters, and Democrats are calling out those who are going after Social Security and Medicare. President Biden, in a tweet over the weekend, said, “Congressional Republicans want to put them on the chopping block every five years,” referring to the plan released by Sen. Rick Scott (Fla.), chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

“Alliance members need to make sure all seniors know that their earned benefits are at stake this November,” said Alliance President Robert Roach Jr. “Seniors should pay close attention to this issue and make sure they turn out to elect candidates who will protect the retirement and health benefits they have earned.”