2001 Adopted Resolutions

The following resolutions were passed by the delegates at the 2001 AFL-CIO Convention.

Resolution 1: Building a Larger, Stronger Movement of America's Workers
Resolution 2: A Government of, by and for the People
Resolution 3: Global Fairness
Resolution 4: A Voice for Working Families in Our Communities
Resolution 5: A Nation of Immigrants
Resolution 6: An American Economy That Works for All Working Families
Resolution 7: Protecting and Promoting Economic and Social Justice
Resolution 8: One Nation, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for All
Resolution 9: Respect Work, Strengthen Family
Resolution 10: Safe Jobs in a Changing World
Resolution 11: Building and Leading a 21st-Century Labor Movement
Resolution 16: Urban Sprawl and Smart Growth
Resolution 19: Elimination of Hatch Act Restrictions
Resolution 20: Mississippi Department of Labor
Resolution 21: Regarding the Fair Trade Apple Campaign
Resolution 22: Construction of William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library and Associated Buildings with 100 Percent Union Labor
Resolution 32: Open Consensus Codes and Standards
Resolution 33: A Strong Ergonomics Standard
Resolution 35: Food and Nutrition for Low-income Families
Resolution 36: Justice for Poultry Workers
Resolution 37: Contraceptive Equity
Resolution 44: Preserving American Values in a Time of Crisis
Resolution 45: Federal Government Use of Civil Racketeering Laws Against Labor Organizations
Resolution 46: Maintaining a Strong Manufacturing Industry
Resolution 47: Preserving and Promoting Union Jobs and Union-Made Products and Services
Resolution 48: Memorial Tribute to Harrison A. "Pete" Williams Jr.
Resolution 49: Resolution in Support of Striking Middletown Township, New Jersey Teachers and School Secretaries
Resolution 50: Resolution in Support of Machinists at United Airlines
Resolution 51: AFL-CIO Statement on Terrorism and Violence in the Middle East
Resolution 52: Resolution in Support of American Troops