2017 Adopted Resolutions

The following resolutions were passed by the delegates at the 2017 AFL-CIO Convention.

Resolution 1: Workers' Bill of Rights
Resolution 2: An Independent Political Voice
Resolution 3: Engaging Our Members to Build Strong Unions
Resolution 4: Organizing to Win Power for Working People
Resolution 5: Commission on the Future of Work and Unions
Resolution 6: Making Health Care for All a Reality
Resolution 7: Reviving Our Communities and Putting Millions to Work Rebuilding Our Country
Resolution 8: Working People Will Lead the Fight for a Global New Deal on Trade
Resolution 9: Rewriting the Rules: Making the Freedom to Join Together and Negotiate a Reality for All Workers
Resolution 10: Encouraging Union Members to Run for Local Public Office
Resolution 11: Solidarity and Democracy--Reaffirming the Labor Movement's Mission in the Face of the Threat of Hate
Resolution 12: Immigration and Citizenship
Resolution 13: Freedom to Spend Time with Family
Resolution 14: Voting Rights: Building an Inclusive Pro-Voter Democracy to Move a Winning Agenda for Working People
Resolution 15: AFL-CIO Prioritizing Organizing and Growth of Affiliate Unions--All in the Service of Helping Working People Organize
Resolution 16: Inclusion and Equality: Ensuring Equality and Inclusion Internally and Externally
Resolution 17: Building Power for Working People in the Global Economy
Resolution 18: Tax and Budget Policies Should Put Working People First
Resolution 19: Diverse and Inclusive Leadership for a Thriving Labor Movement
Resolution 20: Full Employment and a $15 Minimum Wage
Resolution 21: Holding Wall Street Accountable
Resolution 22: Immigration Enforcement: Building Community Trust
Resolution 23: Safe Jobs--Every Worker's Right
Resolution 24: Fighting Together for Workers in Manufacturing
Resolution 25: Criminal Justice Reform: A System of Corrections and Rehabilitation That Prioritizes Corrections and Rehabilitation
Resolution 26: The Solidarity Center: Twenty Years of Standing Up for Workers Around the World
Resolution 27: Resolution Celebrating Ullico Inc.'s 90th Anniversary
Resolution 29: Supporting 100 Percent Buy American for Defense Procurement
Resolution 36: Celebrating DPE: 40 Years of Growing Professional Union Membership
Resolution 38: National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Museum and Memorial
Resolution 40: Rejecting the Privatization of Veterans' Health Care
Resolution 41: Federal and D.C. Government Workers Deserve Fair Treatment
Resolution 42: Supporting an Apolitical, Professional, Merit-Based Civil Service
Resolution 43: I AM 2018
Resolution 44: Resolution in Support of Public Education
Resolution 45: Janus Resolution
Resolution 46: Support Postal Financial Services and Postal Banking
Resolution 47: Condemn Rising Fascism, Fight for Working-Class Unity
Resolution 48: Exploring New Directions for Labor in Electoral Politics
Resolution 50: War Is Not the Answer
Resolution 55: Climate Change, Energy and Union Jobs
Resolution 56: The Humanitarian Crisis in Puerto Rico and the Need for Immediate Federal Action