2001 Deliberated Resolutions

Resolution 1: Building a Larger, Stronger Movement of America's Workers
Resolution 2: A Government of, by and for the People
Resolution 3: Global Fairness
Resolution 4: A Voice for Working Families in Our Communities
Resolution 5: A Nation of Immigrants
Resolution 6: An American Economy That Works for All Working Families
Resolution 7: Protecting and Promoting Economic and Social Justice
Resolution 8: One Nation, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for All
Resolution 9: Respect Work, Strengthen Family
Resolution 10: Safe Jobs in a Changing World
Resolution 11: Building and Leading a 21st-Century Labor Movement
Resolution 16: Urban Sprawl and Smart Growth
Resolution 19: Elimination of Hatch Act Restrictions
Resolution 20: Mississippi Department of Labor
Resolution 21: Regarding the Fair Trade Apple Campaign
Resolution 22: Construction of William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library and Associated Buildings with 100 Percent Union Labor
Resolution 32: Open Consensus Codes and Standards
Resolution 33: A Strong Ergonomics Standard
Resolution 35: Food and Nutrition for Low-income Families
Resolution 36: Justice for Poultry Workers
Resolution 37: Contraceptive Equity
Resolution 44: Preserving American Values in a Time of Crisis
Resolution 45: Federal Government Use of Civil Racketeering Laws Against Labor Organizations
Resolution 46: Maintaining a Strong Manufacturing Industry
Resolution 47: Preserving and Promoting Union Jobs and Union-Made Products and Services
Resolution 48: Memorial Tribute to Harrison A. "Pete" Williams Jr.
Resolution 49: Resolution in Support of Striking Middletown Township, New Jersey Teachers and School Secretaries
Resolution 50: Resolution in Support of Machinists at United Airlines
Resolution 51: AFL-CIO Statement on Terrorism and Violence in the Middle East
Resolution 52: Resolution in Support of American Troops

Proposed Resolutions 13, 18, 34 and 40 were referred to the Executive Council.
Proposed Resolutions 12 and 41 were subsumed in Resolution 9.
Resolution 14 was subsumed in Resolution 7.
Resolution 15 was subsumed in Resolution 4.
Resolutions 43 was subsumed in Resolution 16.
Resolutions 17 and 39 were subsumed in Resolution 8.
Resolution 42 was previously addressed in an Executive Council statement and was subsumed in Resolution 8.
Resolutions 23 through 29 were replaced by Resolution 47.
Resolution 38 was withdrawn.