Working Families Flexibility Act

May. 2, 2017 | H.R. 1180
This bill would allow employers to substitute comp time for overtime pay, reducing the take home pay of millions of workers and resulting in longer hours and more unpredictable schedules. Contrary to the bill’s title, employers would remain in charge of when workers could take their comp time. The bill would encourage employers to demand excessive hours and would create a cost advantage for businesses that would no longer pay cash overtime. The bill passed the House amended.
Legislative Alert

This is Bad for working people.

Vote result: Passed

YEAs: 229
NAYs: 197

Legislator Sort descending State District Party Vote
Rep. Ralph Abraham
5 Republican Yes
Rep. Alma Adams
12 Democrat No
Rep. Robert B. Aderholt
4 Republican Yes
Rep. Pete Aguilar
33 Democrat No
Rep. Rick Allen
12 Republican Yes
Rep. Justin Amash
3 Independent Independent Yes
Rep. Mark Amodei
2 Republican Yes
Rep. Jodey Arrington
19 Republican Yes
Rep. Brian Babin
36 Republican Yes
Rep. Don Bacon
2 Republican Yes
Rep. Jim Banks
3 Republican Yes
Rep. Lou Barletta
11 Republican Yes
Rep. Andy Barr
6 Republican Yes
Rep. Nanette Barragán
44 Democrat No
Rep. Joe L. Barton
6 Republican Yes
Rep. Karen Bass
37 Democrat No
Rep. Joyce Beatty
3 Democrat No
Rep. Ami Bera
6 Democrat No
Rep. Jack Bergman
1 Republican Yes
Rep. Donald Beyer
8 Democrat No
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